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4 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone at Work

4 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone at Work 4 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone at WorkDont get stuck in a rut at work.Everyones got a comfort zone its that place where familiarity and routine provide you with a sense of safety and predictability. At work, it might be the stelle youve been in long enough to know and anticipate just about every aspect of your job the people, the everyday challenges and how to solve them. Unfortunately, staying in your comfort zone can put you in a work rut where you miss out on new challenges and the ability to grow. Research suggests that you can greatly increase your productivity, creativity, and ability to cope with change by stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things that give you a healthy amount of anxiety. If you think you may have fallen into a rut, here are some ideas to help you break free from your comfort zone at work.1. Ask for something newOne of the quickest ways to change up your work life is to take on a new responsibil ity. The goal is notlage to pack more work into your already busy schedule, but to allow a new challenge to break your routine just enough that youre stretched to think and act differently than before. When you participate in a new company initiative, take on a new team project, or offer to train your co-workers on a new process, youre not helping just the company and your colleagues, but also yourself. Few companies have a shortage of work to go around, so its likely that if you raise your hand to take on a new project or deliverable, itll be yours. Not only will an additional set of responsibilities challenge you to find new ways to be productive, but it will also provide new opportunities to work with different people, processes, or technology.2. Address your fearsSometimes people remain in their comfort zone because it prevents them from having to engage in activities they find scary or intimidating. If youve shied away from new job opportunities or role changes because you have a certain set of fears, such as public speaking or flying on planes, perhaps now is the time to face those fears. If you feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a room full of people, it may be helpful to take a public speaking course. If looking at a report with lots of charts and graphs makes your head spin, look for an online course on quantitative analysis or ask someone in the office to help you understand how to approach the latest company sales report. Once youve taken the first steps to address your fears, it will be that much easier to overcome them eventually.3. Learn new technologyIn this digital age, technology affects just about every aspect of work life. Video, chat, and collaboration platforms continue to evolve and change the way people work. You can get out of your comfort zone by learning new technology that upgrades your skills, makes you more productive, and helps you communicate with your co-workers in new ways. For example, a time-management app that syncs wit h your work calendar might help you avoid overbooking your day, or learning how to create macros in Excel could improve your analytical proficiency. No matter your role, there is likely a range of technological tools that can help you do your job differently and more efficiently.RelatedIf You Want to Be a Good Leader, Never Stop Learning4. Get a new jobMoving into a new job may be the ultimate approach to leaving your work comfort zone behind. It may seem like an obvious option, but changing jobs or moving into a new industry is no small undertaking. Many people stay in a job (and subsequently, their comfort zone) for a variety of reasons They fear losing job security, they may be wary of leaving behind their colleagues, or theyre simply anxious about the unknown. However, fruchtwein people leave their job at some point. According to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics tenure report, the average employee tenure is 4.2 years people are changing jobs all the time. If you want t o get out of your comfort zone, getting a new job may be just the jolt you need to revitalize your career and start a new journey.Its not easy to make the leap into areas that are new and unfamiliar. However, having experiences that challenge your mindset and approach to your work will have a positive impact on your performance and ability to step up during times of change and uncertainty. Whether you make changes in your current role or revamp your career with a new job, you can still get out of the comfort zone and revitalize your career.Click on the following link for more advice on how to get ahead.Looking to take the big leap into a new career? Make sure your resume is up to par with a free reviewRecommended Reading4 Wrong Reasons to Quit Your JobProductivity Tips That Really WorkHow to Make the Most of Your Job Search When Unemployment is LowRelated Articles

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Facts, Fiction and Resume Writing Service Cleveland

Facts, Fiction and Resume Writing tafelgeschirr Cleveland Nothing differs in the event of selecting the resume writing tafelgeschirr. To begin a resume writing service is a great way to earn some part time income or even better, to have a complete time enterprise. To be able to enter in the world of the desired job its significant that you choose the authentic resume writing service. Naturally, simply because you opt bedrngnis to use a resume writing service at the start of your job hunt, doesnt mean that you cant enlist their help later on. Writing a professional resume an employer will discover irresistible will improve your probability of landing your dream clinical research assistance job. Avon Resumes helps to create a positive impact on the hirers and can help you in gaining the designation that you always wished to have. They have changed, so you want to ensure that youre keeping up with the latest trends and standards. Hearsay, Deception and Resume Writing Service C leveland Nevertheless, you ought to read the stipulations of the service offered to be sure concerning the rates. By keeping the aforementioned demand in view, tons of inexpensive resumes andonline resume writing services are offered for the ease of candidates, but its not easy for all of the jobless candidates to bear the excessive professional resume writing rates. Its hard for a writing service to guarantee you a job because there are many variables that will influence the last selection. A great approach to be sure youre dealing with a reliable service is to first check their BBB rating. Top Resume Writing Service Cleveland Choices The majority of the applicants believe that one pager resume always have more worth in the opinion of employers and its required to provide a professional appearance to their resume. The service providers will definitely help you in receiving a better job. A recommended service Skillroads can give you some helpful alternatives. All About Resu me Writing Service Cleveland New outsourcing trends on account of the globalization, where companies begin to face very strong competition domestic and international wise. For just the correct mixture of marketing and neighborliness youd be wise to find the aid of letter writing services. Before you begin a resume, you may want to market your services in various mediums like flyers, newspapers or making your own personal site and sharing to social networking sites like Facebook. After getting the info about optimization and parts of LinkedIn profile, it will become obvious to employ the expert services of pro writers to increase your LinkedIn profile. Software today provides a lot more options concerning style and formatting. Naturally, its much important to find the help of some expert writer to prepare the finest federal resume because the needs of federal resume are much different than resume required for private job. Writing resumes is believed to be an art, a modern-day m agical art.

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Free Printable Resume - the Story

Free Printable Resume - the Story Why Almost Everything Youve Learned About Free Printable Resume Is Wrong The Free Printable Resume Templates Microsoft Word are prepared to download, so should you adore and desire to receive that, just click save parable upon the netz page, and its going be directly downloaded in yur desktop computer. Resume templates are perfect for people who dont possess the skill of producing impressive resumes. Work aspirants want to look at a resume template in place of a courses vitae template. They ought to be aware of a resume template rather than a courses vitae template. Because a free resume template already has the ideal format for a company or work resume, all you have to do is fill it with accurate information regarding your work and education. It is suggested to use individuals sites to acquire the desired layouts for a far better function. Referring a sample template will thus help you in producing the the majority of the opportunity. The nex t professional resume template is suited to professional bankers, and its just what you need. Hence, theres no worry regarding availability. Theres no specific length for a resume, and theres no standard to it. Many formats available A big benefit of our CV layouts is that theyre supported by all well-known formats. Light blue is utilised to accentuate headings for much better content hierarchy. The Argument About Free Printable Resume Be certain to highlight people skills and that you understand how to close a deal. Each resume needs to turned into one of a type and ought to have some vital things. The capability to alter your resume from any place on the planet is a considerable asset it is possible to work with to help you land that upcoming amazing job. Now, electronic modern technology gives something thats difficult previously. It could be rather tedious trying to make the resume from scratch. You must be very detailed about your experience in order to trigger more questions for you and boost your odds of getting hired. The authentic last thing you want to do is certainly receive a job that you arent do. All you need to do is choose the one which is most suitable for your personality. The Importance of Free Printable Resume You must also speak about past experience. You need to have a well-written resume if youre serious about landing a pharmacy technician job. Ensure you highlight technical wisdom and certifications. Alongside the work experience, a comprehensive understanding of the skill set you possess should assist the recruiter rank your candidature. Job seekers deserve to locate decent content quickly. Resumes can be difficult to write, specially if you arent certain on what should be included to make a seasoned and effective one particular. Templates may be used for making CV, resume so as to apply for jobs. Project Manager Blank Resume Templates do not will need to appear stylish but they have to appear professional. When you are in need of a totally free resumeprogram, it is possible to find lots of good ones on the internet or within lots of the word processing programs. Theres a considerable quantity of information youll receive on numerous sites that are old and obsolete, yet in the event that youre hunting for something fresh and potent. Many trustworthy writing services are eager to provide essay help. While the action of searching online is definitely not a lousy practice in itself I will suggest there is another a lot more important step which should be taken prior to beginning your search. New Step by Step Roadmap for Free Printable Resume Sales is much like customer service as salespeople can be effective in a wide selection of industries. It is recommended to assemble as much details on your possible company as is possible. Your personal details ought to be clear and easily noticed by the possible employer. As businesses need to be focused and efficient to thrive and succeed, so als o does the key communications tool of many companies, the business letter.

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Meditation for people who hate meditation

Meditation for people who hate meditationMeditation for people who hate meditationIve seen them on Instagram. The neutral color-wearing wellness influencers who must gracefully balance their iPhones against some cosmically-charged crystal to record their morning meditation ritual. There they sit, perfectly poised on a little cushion resembling a pom-pom, eyes closed as they breathe through a 15-second time-lapse video that probably took 10+ minutes to film. Meanwhile, there I am on the other side of the screen, unable to sit and hold my attention on one thing for even those 15 seconds. Imboredalready.Hear me out Irealizethat meditation and mindfulness has its benefits. Sharper focus, reduced stress, and activating yur inner chi and whatnot. Sounds peachy. But Im someone who couldnt sit through a movie as a child (much to my parents dismay), and hardly can todayBut for my fellow hyper-active, somewhat-perfectionistic, stress-inclined achievers, our mindsdodesperately need a break. Des pite my best attempts at becoming one of those people who can sit and meditate for minutes each morning, Im aHeadspacedropout (but I still recommend their excellent app). For me, the key was finding a more stimulating way to reap the rewards of meditation. My meditative practices need to involvemovement.Meditation with movementTurns out, Im not alone. Active meditation, also known as dynamic meditation, was popularized in the 1970s by an Indian mystic named Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later known as Osho. He believed that our modern, super-stimulating world called for a meditation style that involved more physical activity. And he came to that conclusionbeforethe invention of the InternetSo if like me, youre someone who hates meditation, but still wants to reap the stress-busting, mind-clearing benefits, give these 5 tactics a try and let me know how they work out for you.1. Walking meditationThis is my go-to, since I start most of my days walking TeddyTheDog in our neighborhood park or (when Im short on time) around our city block. In order to make my time with Ted more of ameditativewalk, I leave my phone at home. Its okay. You can go for a walk without your phone and the world wont end, I promise.Then, I try to focus on what Im seeing, hearing, and sensing throughout the course of our stroll. Instead of thinking about everything on my TO DO list for the day, I try instead to keep my mind in the present moment, noticing the particular shade of blue in the morning sky, the smell of fresh cut grass, and all the elements of my surroundings for which Im especially grateful that day. And while I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor, some might even say that I talk to Teddy about my observations as we go2. Morning pagesDo you wake up each day with racing thoughts? Can you hardly get through breakfast without an anxiety-inducing laundry list gestalting in your mind? Julia Cameron, author ofThe Artists Way,popularized this written form of meditation that many of my f ellow creatives love.The first rule of morning pages is that theres no wrong way to do morning pages. The premise is simple every morning, start the day by writing three notebook pages of total stream-of-consciousness musings. Thats it Whatever comes out of your pen or pencil is just fine. The writing doesnt serve any purpose, it doesnt have to be perfect, and hell, it doesnt even need to make sense Its just your opportunity to mentally clear the decks for your brand-new day.For full disclosure, writing is the absolutelastthing I feel like doing in the morning, so I havent practiced this form of active meditation myself. Ive always been night owl journaler, personally. But Ive heard from many of my creative friends writers, coaches, and entrepreneurs alike that this is a sanity-saving practice they adore.3. YogaI love yoga for its fitness benefits, but even more for the mental calm it brings me. Thats part of the reason I did yoga three times a week in the final few weeks leading up tomy wedding dayYoga is all about aligning your body movements with your breathing, which feels very similar to meditation to me. Many seated meditation fans focus on their breathe as an anchor point to quiet their mind and prevent other thoughts from floating their way in. Meditative yoga is just like that, plus body movements that promote strength and flexibility on top of it all.While notallyoga is meditative, yoga that calms your mind as well as challenges your body is my favorite form of exercise. Its not about perfection or performance for others, its all about relaxing into poses that also stretch your comfort zone (both mentally and physically).4. Running meditationSimilar to walking meditation, running can be so much more than a physical activity alone. To reap the rewards of meditation through running, I focus my run on my breathe or on a simple mantra. For me, its all about my pace. I take two paces while inhaling and in my mind, saying the first half of the mantra. Th en I follow that with two paces while exhaling my breath and saying the second part of my mantra. I might say in my mind you can, while inhaling and then do this, while exhaling, for instance.When I amreallystressed out, panicking over something, or find myself facing down times of grief or loss, this form of active meditation seems to work best. It gets all that nervous, pent-up energy out of my body in a physically intense way, and I can calm myself down faster than just focusing on my breathing or on a mantra alone. Ill be honest, Ive taken quite a few runs like this while crying, and it helps me get through whatever Im dealing with like nothing else does.What forms of meditation do you practice?Id love to hear how youve cultivated mindfulness into your life, and whether you give any of the above options a try. Tell me Im not alone in being unable to sit through seated meditation, am I? If youre like me on that front, I highly recommend you give active meditation a try before cal ling it quits on the practice as a whole.This article was originally posted on

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18 Work-At-Home Call Center Companies in Utah

18 Work-At-Home Call Center Companies in Utah18 Work-At-Home Call Center Companies in UtahMost call center companies that hire work-at-home agents look for employees and contractors in specific states. These call center companies hire for home-basedjobs in Utah 1-800-CONTACTS Hires telecommuting customer service reps located within 50 miles of Draper, UT for call center jobs in an sekretariat as well as work-at-home call center jobs. Accolade Support Call Center Services Home-based customer and technical support reps are all independent contractors. Pay is a per-minute rate of $10/hour at a maximum. There is no minimum wage. Alorica(formerly West at Home) Alorica employs hires remote customer service reps in Utah. Agents are paid on a per-minute or per-call basis but do at least earn minimum wage. American Express Home-based call center agents with experience in reservation systems and travel agents are employed by the companys corporate travel division. Bilingualism is an ad vantage in getting hired into one of these jobs. Apple At-Home Advisors The work-at-home call center division of Apples customer care division hires tech support and customer services agents nationwide through the jobs often have locations listed in the postings. Apple provides computer equipment. ARO Companys virtual call center employees work in a variety of jobs including sales and customer service. It also hires insurance auditors and LPNs and RNs to work from home. Aspire Lifestyles Specializing in virtual assistant or concierge services, companys work-at-home agents handle customer services via phone, e-mail, and chat. Bilingualism in French, German, Spanish or Italian preferred. Asurion Call center for device replacement insurance employs home-based agents for full- and part-time jobs. JetBlue Airline hires some home-based customer service representatives. Bilingual ability may be required for some jobs. Full and part-time call center jobs are available, though trav el to the Salt Lake City, UT, office may be required. Enterprise Car rental company offers remote call center positions for reservation agents for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, and National Car Rental in Salt Lake City. LiveOps This BPO hires independent contractors for a variety of customer service jobs, insurance work, and financial services. Remote agents are paid based on minutes of talk time plus sales incentives in some cases. Agents must become certified to work for individual clients. This certification is not paid. Agents must pay for their own background check. The NewtonGroup Elite Sales Associates (ESA) platzset appointments, make sales and conduct market research from their home offices. Experience in telemarketing, customer service, lead generation or appointment setting is required. Must purchase some equipment from Newton,Associates must work a minimum of 20 hours a week. PointClickCare Cloud-based medical record system hires customer support and s ales professionals with knowledge of medical documentation systems to work from home. This company provides tech support services for its clients, using work-from-home chat and call center agents. Its remote services technicians answer inbound calls. teleNetwork Outsourcing call center hires work-at-home technicians to assist with Internet services, desktop support, and security issues as well as customer service reps. TeleTechHome This global company hires associates for20-30 hours/week. to work from home as call agents and other fields. ?Bilingual call center agents needed. Benefits include paid training, 401k. Pay is $9-10/hour. Transcom Global contact center employs virtual call center agents working in customer service and tech support. Ver-A-Fast Home call center agents make verification calls for the companys clients, which are primarily from the newspaper industry.

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4 books that will are essential to learn leadership and management

4 books that will are essential to learn leadership and management4 books that will are essential to learn leadership and managementExamining the work of those whove gone before us is one of the fruchtwein impactful ways to expand our own knowledge and understanding.We often think of great leaders as those who won wars or guided countries through troubled times. But theres also much to learn from the people who oversaw someone of historys greatest mega-management projects.From them, we learn the science of operacy- how to get things done.It doesnt matter if the project youre working on involves four people or only lasts three months. You can still improve your abilities by learning about what it takes to organize and persevere on a massive scale.Personally, I look to four of the most significant management projects in U.S. history the Apollo program, the Manhattan Project, the Panama Canal, and the Transcontinental Railroad. I recommend the following books as a starting point for an yone who wants to dive deep into the projects.Apollo by Charles Murray and Catherine Bly Cox The Apollo programThe Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes The Manhattan ProjectThe Path between the Seas by David McCullough The Panama CanalNothing Like It In The World by Stephen Ambrose The Transcontinental RailroadEach of these projects were incredible, bold, and beautiful in their own way. But their leaders also had several common traits we can learn from.A taste for the future.Someone had to imagine each project before it existed. And they had nothing to base their imagination on, because the ideas were so new and different.Each project was initially underestimated, sometimes dramatically so.For instance, the first research for the Manhattan project was done at a few universities by a relatively small group of scientists. It ended up employing 130,000 Americans at a final cost of $2 billion.At the beginning of the Apollo program, the United States was incredibly inexperienced. When John Kennedy went before Congress on May 25, 1961 and said we were going to the moon, our total flight experience was one 15-minute suborbital flight. Dr. John W. Logsdon, Director of the Center for International Space and Technology PolicyThe people involved in each project didnt know what would be required, because there was nothing to compare it to. They were truly creating the future as they went along.An understanding of operacyAll of these projects required massive amounts of manpower. And everyone involved had to be motivated, organized, fed. Naturally, each of the projects had an overarching military aspect to them.Throughout history, militaries have really been the only organizations to continuously work at organizing, motivating, and deploying thousands of people at a time. Theyve studied how to operate at a large scale, because the consequences are often literally life or death.When I joined the Army, I was initially surprised by how much effort they put into the fo od. You may not picture the Army having great food, but the meals are surprisingly good. Thats because the organization knows how important food is to morale.Little things- things we take for granted- are often top priorities in the military. They even have mobile laundry platoons whose job is to wash clothes, even in remote war zones.There isnt anything that affects a persons well-being more than those things which the Quartermaster Corps has to doand one of the things that affects his daily life, his health and comfort, is the way his clothes are taken care of by the laundries. Edmund Gregory, Quartermaster General 1940-1946.Its important to remember that even the grandest of schemes often comes down to execution on a granular level.Perseverance from leaders and workersThe leaders of these projects undertook them with pride, bordering on hubris.Laying railroad track across the country, splitting the atom, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific, putting a man on the moon- these all r equired a leader with confidence in their ability to get the job done.But confidence without perseverance would not have been enough. These achievements still required tremendous amounts of human willpower. Thousands of people died building the Panama Canal and Transcontinental Railroad. Setbacks, scandals, old technology, and disease all had to be overcome.Accomplishing feats like this required both technical ingenuity and stamina. One without the other would never have sufficed.Communication between multiple groupsGreat leaders have an ability to communicate a vision and motivate their organization to achieve that vision. JFKs We choose to go to the moon speech immediately comes to mind.But each project had someone at the helm who could communicate its importance, motivate people to push through difficulties, and accomplish the end goal.Most leaders today dont need to use the high rhetoric of a sitting president. But language matters. Communication truly makes a difference in a le aders ability to motivate people. Theres nothing more important that being able to communicate what youre doing in a concise, memorable, and even poetic way.Acceptance of riskNo one knew that each of these projects could even be accomplished until the very end. In The Making of The Atomic Bomb, Rhodes makes it clear that the scientists themselves were never entirely koranvers the project would succeed- until the moment it did.Risk is inherent in any monumental undertaking.Good leaders understand that all they can do is take things step-by-step. NASA didnt go to the moon all at once. They worked toward that goal for years, setting a series of milestones. Step 1 Fly to the moon. Step 2 Orbit the moon. Step 3 Land an unmanned aircraft on the moon. And so on. They knew failure was a possibility, but they accepted the risk and carried on regardless.A systemwide view.Building the Transcontinental Railroad wasnt just about laying a certain amount of track. Building the Panama Canal didnt j ust require moving a lot of dirt. Going to the moon and splitting atom werent accomplished by calculations alone.All of these projects only succeeded because their leaders took a systemwide view of the venture.The workers werent only battling the landscape in Panama, they were also battling yellow fever- a disease spread by mosquitoes. It was up to a U.S. Army captain named William Gorgas to create a strategy that eliminated mosquito breeding grounds, all while battling officials who incorrectly contended the disease was spread through other means. His eventual success, and the eradication of the disease, helped make the Panama Canal a reality.A successful project is never about one thing. The best leaders are able to take a systemwide view and account for many different variables. True leaders take time to learn about those who came before them.The lessons learned here may be at a much greater scale than anything you or I will ever undertake, but they still hold plenty of value for those who study them.This post was originally published on Quora.

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Where the grass really is greener in the job search

Where the grass really is greener in the job searchWhere the grass really is greener in the job searchIncrease your job-search success with two data-backed solutions.Performing a job search is difficult. Writing the perfect resume, researching a company in-depth, interviewing impeccably and just the right amount of follow-up are all musts when completing a job application. If you do them all right, you could land the job. Or you could be one of 1,000 other applicants to a job that 100 of you are probably perfect for. This is the reality of the job search for many professionals. Ladders turned to its database of mora than 6 million job seekers and more than 49,000 recruiters to uncover why this is, and what job seekers can do about it.The first trend that emerged in the original studys data welches that certain job markets are oversaturated with job seekers. With unemployment rates varying from 3% in Bismarck, ND to 30% in Yuma, AZ, this was not surprising information. Similar to the housing market, certain cities can be considered employers markets, while others can be more conducive to job seekers finding new positions.The map below depicts what the job market is like across the United States. Areas in red are saturated with job seekers, making them employers markets. In unterstellung areas there are simply too many job seekers and not enough jobs. Surprisingly, in many of these areas there are markets 200-300 miles away that favor the job seeker, depicted in green.Taking a closer look at a few of the red locations, we see that in southern Florida there is high job competition in the Miami area, but just north in Orlando and Daytona Beach the ratio of job seekers to jobs is much more favorable, making it more likely to land a job. The same is true of the markets in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA, as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco. If youre willing to relocate to a nearby market, you could find a job more easily than staying put.Relocation is not an optio n for all professionals seeking jobs. For these individuals, another trend emerged from the data. Similar to the over-saturated geographic markets, it seems that there are over-saturated job functions within markets that have more job seekers applying to fewer open jobs. The following chart includes 13 of the most popular job markets, and illustrates the ratio of job seekers to open jobs in the 10 most popular functions.What we can see in the chart is that each job market has professional functions that are over-saturated with job seekers (red). Other functions have plenty of open positions (green) and thus, less job competition. If youre looking for a new job and are having trouble in your current function, transferring your skills into a similar role may be the best option.In these highly competitive job functions (such as operations or marketing in Miami), professionals should seek positions with functional adjacencies. These are positions in which your core functional skills are highly transferrable from one industry to the other. For instance, the automotive and aerospace industries may not seem similar, but B2B sales, engineering, and information technology professionals migrate from one to the other at high rates.Some examples of other popular career transitions to less competitive job functions includeSales to healthcare business-to-business sales to pharmaceutical salesEducation to healthcare educational research to biotech research developmentMarketing to technology product marketing to product managementIf youve followed all of Ladders advice and are still having trouble getting a job offer, your market or functions job seeker-to-job ratio may be unfavorable, and it could be time to consider one of these two job-search solutions.